Major Events

This year we have had a very successful year, in region and district events, including Scout Hike with 3 patrols attending, with one patrol winning gold. District camp held on the June long weekend, two Beecroft patrols attended, one patrol won the district camp competition. We also attended the Sirius Cup at Balmoral in March. Beecroft Scouts also attended other district events such as wide games and district football games.

Weekly programming

The weekly program is broadly based around the badge work system as well as general education, games and, of course fun. The leadership team work hard to provide a balance between fun, learning and recognition. The badge work system i.e. red to blue to green to Australian Scout Medallion structure is built around the concept of do, learn and teach. The senior scouts contribute with their increased knowledge and by helping leaders teach younger scouts.

Youth Numbers

We formally have 19 on the books, which is solid. We have lost 4 in the first half of this year, for a range of reasons, including transition to high school, other interests or scouts not being for them. We had 4 cubs come up at the beginning of Term 4 2014 so our numbers are stable from last year. We also had one ‘new chum’ invested at the November and 2 more ‘new chums’ joining this year. One scout also transferred from another troop. This year we are preparing for Jamboree in January 2016 with 10 scouts attending.

Youth Achievements

We currently have 7 scouts with a red cord, of those, 6, are currently working on their blue cord, and 4 have nearly completed. We are hoping we will be able to report 4 green cords next year. As mentioned we had one patrol winning a Scout Hike gold and one patrol winning the district camp competition. This reflects the enthusiasm of the current scouts.


Spencer Jarratt has continued his return from retirement for the second year following after Craig Barton’s move to the Blue Mountains, Spencer’s contribution has been vital. Without Spencer it’s doubtful that Beecroft scouts would have been possible. I wish to extend a special thanks to Spencer for all the help and advice he has provided me this year. Going forward the scout section needs at least another leader to remain viable. The harsh reality is we only have two full time leaders, making it difficult, if one is not available. With Spencer’s supporting us and a few casual helpers, which is great to have so many resources but that is not going to give us sufficient leadership every week, we are now in a position where if one of us gets caught at work or is away we may have to cancel scouts because we simply can’t get a warranted leader. In addition there is a need to spread the work load of Mindari’s (District meetings), Troop Councils, Group Councils and other task such as camps, hikes and activities.


Firstly we wish to thank Phil Cooper our district leader for all the support you have given Beecroft over the year.

We have to thank our Group Leader Ben Mees who has done a great job of promoting growth in the group and continuing to assist at scouts when he can, thank you Ben.

As previously mentioned earlier I would like to extend a special thanks to Spencer for returning from retirement this is very much appreciated.

We must also pay a very special tribute to Steve Morrow, and Lachlan May, who have for many years now run a fantastic cub pack. We know how important a vibrant cub pack is and the whole reason we have 19 scouts is on the back of the cub leaders doing an exception job, we are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful cub leaders and with the help of Kerrie and Mike.

We would like to extend a big thanks to the parents who have supported us during the year for example transporting scouts to activities over the year. We also wish to thank Sam Henwood and the committee for all the hard work they have done behind the scenes and with working bees and fund raising. Also we wish to thank Katrina Harrison for the data entry into Dibbs. This has made scout management much easier.

Finally we must thank the scouts. They are a great bunch of young people and it is a pleasure to spend time with them.

John Wybrow (Hazza)

Spencer Jarrett (Spen)

Scout Leaders

Beecroft Cheltenham Scout Troop

June 2015